Our IPP Approach

Winning your business is of enormous value in allowing us to not only support you and grow our business, but it also accelerates our purpose delivery. A direct impact of winning and supporting government agencies, is that Gulanga delivered some key results beyond those delivered for our customers:

  • Indigenous ICT Development – Gulanga has successfully mentored an Indigenous person into the world of ICT and business development. Our approach to the IPP is for the continued growth of Indigenous people in ICT
  • Community Investment – Gulanga has invested back to the community resulting in us being featured on WINS News and in a local newspaper
  • Phase 3 – Craig Dukes has moved from owner with management oversight to being with Gulanga fulltime. This great change will help us achieve Phase 4 of our IPP Approach more quickly
  • We are now a CERTIFIED Supply Nation enterprise, in line with achieving Phase 3 of our IPP Approach

Our IPP Approach no title

IPP is the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy of 1 July 2015

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